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Save time, money, and gain control by packing your own capillary columns. 

Designed to accommodate empty fused silica or PEEKsil* columns of less than 1/32" in outer diameter, the Nanobaume is a compact 316 stainless steel unit built to pack tubing with a silica bed at high pressure.  The Nanobaume may be used for packing at up to 9000 psig with liquid media (3000 psig for gas pressure), occupies a small footprint on the benchtop, and asembles easily in a few simple steps.  

The unit seals at high pressure by hand-tightening only.  A magnetic stir bar keeps the silica slurry suspended over a stir plate during column packing.  Not for use under SFC conditions.

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N  A  N  O  B  A  U  M  E
* PEEKsil is a registered trademark of SGE International Pty. Ltd.
NANOBAUME is a trademark of Western Fluids   |   800-241-5145   |  +1-951-566-0905
For European enquiries, please contact Ms Wil GmbH